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Family of John VEAZIE and Caroline C LOW

John VEAZIE b. 1808 Nov 12405 at Portland, ME405. d. bef 1860343 at prob Bangor, ME343.
Caroline C LOW b. 1810 Feb 20636 at New Haven, NH (or CT?)344. d. 1890 Jan 19636 at Bangor, ME636. bd. Mt Hope Cem., Bangor, ME636.


Bangor Hist Mag398: "went west and died." He did go west, probably about 1838, as daughter Sarah was born in Maine, 1836, and daughter Addie was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, 1840. He is probably the John Veazie in Brown County, Wisconsin Territory in 1840. Andres' Nebraska history554, in the biography of Charles B Veazie, states that Charles was born in De Pere, Wisconsin, which is in Brown County, and moved to Bangor, Maine, in the spring of 1848. John and Caroline Veazie appear346 in Bangor in 1850 with Wisconsin-born children. In 1860, Caroline is listed343 as a widow.

Of Caroline, Bang. Hist. Mag.: "of Eastport, ME" In various census records, her birthplace is listed as Maine, New Hampshire and New Haven, Connecticut. In the 1870 census344, her birthplace is listed as "New Haven Conn." As records indicate most frequently "N H," including records for several of her children which indicate the place of birth of the mother, perhaps the 1870 indication of "Conn" was an assumption by the enumerator that Connecticut was intended if Caroline stated only "New Haven," as there is a New Haven, New Hampshire.

Her birth date is calc'd from her age at death.

Child 1. SarahIn 1910, Sarah is listed in the household of of Stephen F Shaw as "niece." Census records indicate that Stephen was married to Lucy, who must have been Lucy Low, Caroline Low Veazie's sister. In 1920, Sarah was listed in George M Cloyes household, along with his wife (Sarah's sister) Adrianna. Sarah apparently never married. Her birth date is calc'd from her age at death.

Child 5. Samuel

Samuel was a jeweler by trade. He is listed in the various records as single in 1880, 1897 and 1898. His hospital records list his nearest relative as his sister. The 1900 and 1910 census records list him as widowed, though he may have listed himself as such as a result of his medical condition.

Samuel was a Civil War veteran, having enlisted 20 Sep 1861 at Bangor, ME, in Co. G, Second Maine Regiment. has enlisted 25 Oct 1861, Co. H, and mustered out 20 May 1863.

Samuel's information recorded at the Togus (ME) Hospital for Veterans lists his birthplace as Bangor, ME. The censuses for 1850 and 1860 list his birthplace as Wisconsin. Wisconsin is more likely as his parents would likely have provided the census information.

Samuel was admitted twice to the Togus Hospital with bronchitis and cystitis, apparently contracted contracted in Providece, RI. Those entries give "Miss S. C. Veazie," of Bangor, as his nearest relative. The hospital entry records his death in the Government Hospital for the Insane in Washington, DC. As the cause of death was pulmonary turberculosis, it may be that the accompanying fever caused brain damage. Whether a result of his condition or an enumeration error, the 1910 census lists his birthplace as New Jersey, his parents both born in Germany.

Mt Hope Cem. (Bangor, ME) records2988 have his place of death as Dayton, Ohio. Without knowing the informant for the cemetery records, the hospital records604 are preferred.

Children of John VEAZIE and Caroline C LOW:

1. Sarah Caroline VEAZIE346, 343 b. 1836 Sep 6636 at Maine343. d. 1923 Jan 27636 at Somerville, MA636. bd. Mt Hope Cem., Bangor, ME636.
2. Adrianna M VEAZIE346, 343 b. 1840 Apr523 at Green Bay, WI855. d. bef Apr 14, 19244225.
md. George M CLOYES
3. Charles B VEAZIE346, 343 b. 1840 Apr 27554 at De Pere, Wisconsin554. d. 1930 Apr 13816 at Fremont, NE816. bd. Ridge Cemetery, Fremont, NE816.
md. Adeline R PILSBURY
4. Henry Clay VEAZIE346 b. 1842~346 at Wisconsin346.
5. Samuel W VEAZIE346, 343 b. 1844 Jan 4604 at Wisconsin343. d. 1911 Dec 10604 at Govt Hosp for the Insane, Wash., DC604. bd. Mt Hope Cem., Bangor, ME2988.

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