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Family of Benjamin VEAZIE and Polly DARLING

Benjamin VEAZIE b. 1788 Aug 94508 at North Adams, MA4508. d. 1844 Jul 284508 at Parma, NY4508. bd. Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY1822.
Polly DARLING b. 1796~4475 at Massachusetts4475. d. aft 18701887.

Married800 1810~ (guess)4475 at prob New York4475. Hillman800 has Benjamin's wife as "Polly," and they were married after 1820, but before 1827. Hillman's description of the marriage date may be based on the 1840 census for Parma, NY, in which Benjamin Veazie has listed in his household 1 female, 10 to 15 years of age. However, Polly Veazie, listed as "mother in law," resided in 1855 in the household of Milo N Smith and his wife Caroline M. That census lists Caroline as born ~1811 in Ontario Co., NY. The date and location of the marriage of Benjamin and Polly is based on that information.

In 18305454, Benjamin "Vease?" resided in Parma, NY. The family consisted of 1 male 15-20; 1 male 20-30; 1 male 40-50; 1 female 10-15; 1 female 15-20; and 1 female 30-40. With regard to age ranges: the youngest male fits son Henry. The oldest male fits Benjamin. Daughter Martha is likely the 10-15 yr female, daughter Caroline likely the 15-20 yr female, and wife Polly the 30-40 yr female. The 20-30 yr male may have been a hired hand, or a son who died young; Polly Veazie stated later4508 that Henry, Caroline and Martha were "all the children that Benjamin Veazie left surviving him," which allows the latter possibility.

In 18404473, Benjamin Veazie resided in Parma, NY. The family consisted of 1 male 50-60 yrs, 1 female 10-15 yrs, and 1 female 40-50 yrs. The young female is likely dau. Martha.

In an 1865 affidavit4508 by Polly Veazie of Parma, New York, "widow of Benjamin Veazie, dec'd," Polly Veazie stated "Benjamin (my husband) died at this place July 28th, 1844." Information for the transcription1822 of Benjamin's headstone is given as: "d June 28, 1844 aged 56y." His widow's testimony is preferred.

Polly Veazie submitted an affidavit4508 in 1865 for the distribution of the estate of Joseph Veazie, Benjamin's first cousin, who died unmarried, without living siblings, and without a will. Polly's affidavit stated she was the wife of Benjamin Veazie, deceased in 1844, described Benjamin's relationship to Joseph, and named the children of Benjamin and Polly: Caroline (married to Milo N Smith), Henry, and Martha. Polly resided with her daughter Caroline, and her son-in-law Milo N Smith, from 1850 to 1860, in Newfane, NY.

Her parents are indicated by a Polly "Veizie" that is mentioned4478 as the daughter of David Darling in his will, dated Nov 22, 1843, Adams, Mass. That will mentions David's wife Huldah, and various sons, among them, David Darling. The will4477 of that son David Darling, dated July 11, 1853, Parma, NY, bequeaths to his sister Polly Veazie $700, with instructions to the executor that should sister Polly not be living, her heirs and next-of-kin were to receive $250 each, "that is, $500 in all."

A legal notice4476, appearing Oct 1, 1853, notifying heirs and next-of-kin of David Darling, late of Parma, Monroe Co., NY, mentions "Polly Veazie of Newfane, Niagara county" among others who are mentioned in both the Massachusetts will of David Darling (the elder) and the New York will of David Darling (the younger). That is, the David Darling of Parma, NY, is certainly the son of David and Huldah Darling of Massachusetts. As mentioned above, Polly Veazie resided in Newfane, NY, with daughter Caroline and son-in-law Milo N Smith, identifying Polly Veazie, the daughter of David Darling to Polly Veazie, the wife of Benjamin Veazie.

Benjamin Veazie resided4473 in Parma in 1840, died1822 in 1846, and is buried1822 in Parma Corners Cemetery.

Although Huldah is herein indicated as Polly's mother, Polly's father may have married Huldah as a second (or later) wife after Polly's birth.

Child 3. Martha

Martha may be the female, 10-15 years of age in 1840, listed4473 in the household of Benjamin Veazie, Parma, NY, in the 1840 census. However, that would indicate a birth year of abt 1826, which seems late compared with Martha's siblings. Polly Veazie's affidavit4508 states her daughter Martha died "prior to 1860 without issue." The implication of that phrase is that Martha was married. Further, a genealogy chart labeled "Descendants of Benjamin & Mary Veazie" in the probate records5004 of Joseph Veazie, lists the children of Benjamin and Polly Veazie as "Henry", "Martha Warner," and "Caroline Smith," which implies Martha married --- Warner.

Speculative: Martha may be the "Martha C Warner" buried1822 in Parma Corners cemetery, Parma, New York. If so, she died Apr 17, 1840, age 23y 3d. And her husband would then be Morris R Warner, died Oct 4, 1849, age 34y 4m 17d. Other Warner burials include Martha B (born abt 1840) and Morris R (born abt 1851), both listed as dau/son of "Morris R & Margaret." The 1855 state census for Clarkson, New York, lists a Margarett Warner, age 25, with children Edgar (age 12) and Morris R (age 5). From that information, it would appear Martha C Warner was Morris' first wife, and Margaret was his second wife, with whom he had several children.

Children of Benjamin VEAZIE and Polly DARLING:

1. Caroline M VEAZIE4475 b. 1811 Sep 114508 at Ontario Co., NY4475. d. 1866 Mar 11840 at prob New York840. bd. Smith Cemetery, Hartland, NY840.
md. Milo Noble SMITH
2. Henry VEAZIE4504 b. 1813 Aug 34508 at North Adams, MA1900. d. after 18881900.
md. 1) Jane M VEAZIE
md. 2) Frances M VEAZIE
md. 3) Mary D or W VEAZIE
3. Martha VEAZIE4508 b. 1826?4473 at prob New York4473. d. 1860 bef4508.

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