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Family of John VEAZIE and Martha HOPKINS

Married853 1772 Apr 16853 at (intention) Boston, MA853.

John and Martha were married by Rev John Lathrop. Sprague841 has intention recorded 12 Apr 1772.

Martha HOPKINS d. at Herkimer, NY4513.

Ralph Hillman800 thinks it likely that John is the John Veazie, died February 1813, as transcribed from a headstone in the North Adams (MA) cemetery. Ralph's assumption is confirmed by an 1865 affidavit4513 by John's grandson Samuel Veazie (nee Murphy) [son of John Murphy and John Veazie's daughter Mary]. Samuel relates that his grandfather John Veazie, was "formerly of Braintree, and who came to this place [North Adams?] from Boston, Mass, when a young man about the time of the Revolutionary War." Samuel also said that John was a cabinetmaker by trade, a business he pursued until his death, "which occurred here [North Adams?] in February A..D. 1813." Although Samuel was young at the time of John's death, he had a lasting impression of his grandfather whom he had seen "in his last lickings," as John had rheumatism "from which he suffered so intensely."

Samuel Veazie also relates4513 that, when he was quite young, all of his mother's brothers and sisters, with the exception of his uncle Samuel Veazie, removed to the state of New York.

Unabashedly, this auther cites Hillman's Veazie Genealogy800 for much of the information for John and Martha's children. In particular, Ralph uncovered a document in a Boston Athenaeum collection that might otherwise have remained undiscovered with regard to the Veazie family. Duplication or examination of his references is difficult, unavailable (due to travel), extensive and expensive. As no discrepancies or significant disagreements have been noted, with the exception of James H Veazie, son of John Veazie and Mindwell Brown, this author includes this information on the family of John and Martha rather than leaving a significant branch of the Veazie family out of this work.

An 1865 affidavit4513 by grandson Samuel Veazie (nee Murphy) states that, following John Veazie's death in February, 1813, Martha left Massachusetts and went to live with her daughter, Martha, who was then living in Herkimer, NY. Samuel relates that "as I have been informed & believe," his grandmother died there. Martha's granddaughter Frances (Talcott) Richardson stated4514 that her grandmother, Martha Hopkins Veazie, following the death of Frances' grandfather John Veazie, removed from Adams, Mass, and lived with Frances' mother in Rome, NY, where she died. Herkimer and Rome are ~25 miles apart.

Child 7. Patty

Hillman has Patty probably died young, as she cannot be accounted for in the 1790 and 1800 census records.

Children of John VEAZIE and Martha HOPKINS:

1. John VEAZIE936 b. 1772 Jul 24936 at Boston, MA800. d. 1773 Sep 1936. bd. Boston Common Burying Ground, Boston, MA936.
2. Martha VEAZIE800, 989 b. 1774 Jan 23989 at (bapt) Hollis Street Church, Boston, MA989. d. 1863 bef4514 at Rome, NY4514.
md. Alpheus TALCOTT
3. John VEAZIE800 b. 1776 Jun 11822 at near Boston, MA1822. d. 1862 May 271822 at Rochester, NY800. bd. Section M, Mt Hope Cem., Rochester, NY1822.
md. Mindwell BROWN
4. Thomas VEAZIE800 b. 1778 Jun 7800 at Boston, MA800. d. 1861 Sep 71837 at Geneva, NY1837. bd. Evergreen Cem., Torrey, NY1837.
md. Mary Polly HAVENS
5. Samuel VEAZIE989 b. 1780 Aug 20989 at (bapt) Hollis St Ch., Boston, MA989. d. 1848 Jun 202023 at North Adams, MA2023.
md. Rebecca HARRINGTON
6. Henry VEAZIE800 b. 1783 May 6800 at Boston, MA800. d. bef 1850800 at Albany, NY800.
md. Ann STAATS
7. Patty VEAZIE800 b. 1785 Jul 19800 at Boston, MA800.
8. Benjamin VEAZIE800 b. 1788 Aug 9800 at North Adams, MA800. d. 1844 Jun 281822 at prob Parma, NY1822. bd. Parma Corners Cem., Parma, NY1822.
md. Polly DARLING
9. Mary Polly VEAZIE800 b. 1791 Jul 15800 at North Adams, MA800. d. 1858 Sep 154504.
md. 1) John MURPHY
md. 2) Harvey EFNER
10. Charles VEAZIE800 b. 1793 Jul 31800 at North Adams, MA800. d. 1872 Jul 32863 at Troy, NY2863.
md. Mary Ann TITUS

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