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Family of William R BARKLEY and Eva J SANFORD

William R BARKLEY b. 1859 Dec 101061 at Orange, New York44. d. 1933 Jul 271061. bd. Bradford Cem., Bradford, New York34.
Eva J SANFORD b. 1861 Sep 181435 at Bradford, New York1436. d. 1946 Jan 271436 at her home on High street, Bradford, New York1436. bd. Bradford Cem., Bradford, New York34.

Married29 1884 Feb 131436.

Marion Springer1061 states that William died 7-27-1933, ae 73-7-17. His birthdate is calculated from that information. The birth and death years match those on his headstone. However, the 1900 census1434 has his birth date as August 1860. Jim Barkley, William's great-grandson, relates: "William R. owned a country store in Bradford, Steuben County, N.Y. The store was orginially owned by Eva Sanford's dad. It catered to local farmers and was in our family for close to 100 years. After William R. retired his only daughter, Hazel, who had just retired from the Bradford school system managed the store until it closed in the early 1960's. In 1964 I visited the old store which was then a drug store with a lunch counter at which we, Mom, Dad, Gayle and I ate lunch. In 1998 when Mom, Dad, Iris and I returned the store was no longer standing."

The Steuben Co Historian's Office listings29, in Ansel's marriage listing, Ansel's parents as William Barkley and Eva Sanford.

Eva's birth year is from her headstone34. Her birthday is from a newspaper article1435 which describes a birthday party in her honor attended by (son) Lewis Barkley and his wife; (son) Clarence and his wife; Clarence' sons Wesley, Arthur and James; Miss Patsy Conklin and (daughter) Hazel.

Child 1. Hazel

Hazel1107 attended Haverling High School in Bath, New York. Following graduation, she taught elementary classes in Bradford for several years. Later she was employed by American-LaFrance (manufacturer of fire fighting equipment) in Elmira. From 1936 to 1950 she operated the Barkley store in Bradford.

She apparently worked in the store no later than 1935, as an interesting newspaper article1437 relates the dynamiting of a dam early in the morning of July 23, 1935, in an apparent attempt to release water from flood-burdened Lamoka Lake which was being investigated by the Steuben county sheriff. "Hazel Barkley, clerk in a Bradford general store, told of the incident over the only telephone line left. She said a creek below the dam rose one foot within a few minutes after the blast but that it receded within a short time. She said 'Floyd Stafford, asleep on the porch of his home nearby, was rolled right out of bed by the explosion.'"

Children of William R BARKLEY and Eva J SANFORD:

1. Hazel L BARKLEY33 b. 1886 Jul 91107 at Bath, New York1107. d. 1976 Sep 121107 at Ira Davenport Mem Hosp., Bath, New York. Residence 112 Campbell St, Bath, New York1107. bd. Bradford Cem., Bradford, New York34.
2. Clarence H BARKLEY44 b. 1889 Jul 5221 at Bradford, New York221. d. 1961 Jan 34359 at at his home, Savona, NY4359.
md. Hazel M GILMORE
3. Ansel William BARKLEY29 b. 1893 Jul 16221 at Bath, New York221.
md. Flossie June VANKEUREN
4. Wilson S BARKLEY44 b. 1901 Mar 2061. d. 1972 Aug 2561 at Bath, New York61. bd. Lakeview Cem., Penn Yan, New York61.
5. Lewis Claude BARKLEY44 b. 1904 Feb 201086 at Bradford, New York1106. d. 1974 Jun92 at Niagara Falls, New York92.
md. Wilhelmine Jean JOHNSON

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