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Family of Charles VEAZIE and Elizabeth Lopston P HARDWICK

Charles VEAZIE b. 1788 Mar 30944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1877 Jun 12855 at Boston, MA855.
Elizabeth Lopston P HARDWICK b. 1791 Jun 7855 at Qincy, MA855. d. 1862 Jan 18855 at Roxbury, MA855.

Married855 1813 Nov 25 at Boston, MA.

AVB2786 has Charles' birthdate as Mar 26, 1788. This Veazie family in 1860 is variously indexed as Vearil, Veani, etc. Charles died a widower at the age of 89y 3m, having a fractured thigh for a year, and debility of old age.

Elizabeth Lopston Hardwick was baptised944 Oct 2, 1791, First Church, Braintree, MA, the daughter of Peter Hardwick. Elizabeth P Veasie[sic] died855 at the age of 70y 7m 11d of pneumonia. Her birth date is calculated from age at death.

Child 1. Charles

Charles appears in several records as "Charles S" Veazie. He may be the Charles Veazie, jr., who, in 1843, legally changed his name to Charles Stewart Veazie.

Charles was a clerk in 1850 and 1855. In 1860, he was a shoe dealer. In 1870, he is listed as "no occupation." In 1880, Charles resided with his brother William and sister Mary, and was listed as "retired collector." Although the death record1774 for Charles S Veazie lists his parents as Charles and "Mary E.," it is assumed he's the child of Charles and Elizabeth, as that seems to be the best fit. It may have been assumed that his sister Mary Elizabeth was named for their mother.

Child 2. Gustavus

In 1850 and 1855, Gustavus is listed only as "clerk." In June, 1863, Gustavus, age 44, merchant, registered3290 for the civil war draft, apparently joining the 42nd Mass Regiment, Company G(?). No further definite information was found for Gustavus Veazie. He may have died during the civil war.

Gustavus is accounted for in 1855 and 1863, in Boston, and may have resided in Boston in the interim. In the 1860 census for Boston, a Frank Veazie, age 44 and born in Massachusetts, resided in a public house, apparently run by William A Hathaway. Frank was listed as a cook. A Frank Veazie is mentioned several times in "History of the Forty-Second Regiment Infantry, Massachusetts Volunteers," by Charles P Bosson; Boston:1886. Frank was a non-combatant cook (i.e., not an enlisted man, mentioned as "Citizen") for the officers. Chapter XVII descibes adventures of Company G and Company C. Members of those companies had been taken prisoner and were held at Camp Groce, near Hampstead, Texas. On December 9, 1863, some three hundred prisoners left Camp Groce for Shreveport. They arrived several weeks later. Sometime in late March, 1864, prisoners from Shreveport were moved back to Texas. However, "Frank Veazie was sick" in a Shreveport Hospital, and "died the following May."

Whether that Frank Veazie was the Frank Veazie of the 1860 Boston census, or either was Gustavus F Veazie, is unknown.

Child 3. Mary

In 1850, Mary Elizabeth is enumerated as Elizabeth. In 1855 and later, she is Mary E. Mary died at the age of 83 of "old age and debility." She may be the Elizabeth Veazie who, in 1843, legally changed5266 her name from Elizabeth Veazie to Mary Elizabeth Veazie.

Child 5. William

In 1900, William, a dealer in "fancy goods," had in his household his sisters Mary E Veazie and Frances Marden, the widow of Jefferson Marden. In 1880, William was the head of household, a florist. Residing with him were his brother Charles S, and sister Mary E. William died single of "old age," complicated by arthritis, at the age of 75y 7m 29d. William's birthdate is calculated from his age at death1781. Note that he reported939 his birthdate as July 1828 in the 1900 census.

Children of Charles VEAZIE and Elizabeth Lopston P HARDWICK:

1. Charles S VEAZIE2263 b. 1815~470 at Massachusetts2263. d. 1891 Aug 231774 at Home for Aged Men, Boston, MA1774.
2. Gustavus F VEAZIE2263 b. 1817~470 at Massachusetts2263. d. 1864 May?? at Shreveport, LA ??.
3. Mary Elizabeth VEAZIE2263 b. 1820 Feb939 at Massachusetts2263. d. 1902 Nov 221774 at 7 Waldeck St, Boston, MA1774. bd. Forest Hills1774.
4. George Ellis VEAZIE2263 b. 1823~2263 at Boston, MA4009. d. bef 18675469.
md. Julia B AGLAR
5. William H VEAZIE2263 b. 1827 Jul 3939 at Roxbury, MA1781. d. 1903 Mar 41781 at 439 Dudley St, Boston, MA1781. bd. Forest Hills Cem.1781.
6. Frances W VEAZIE2191 b. 1831 May939 at Massachusetts2191. d. 1912 Jun 161774 at 128 Brook Ave., Boston, MA1774. bd. Forest Hills Cem., Bosotn, MA1774.
md. Jefferson L MARDEN

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