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Family of George Augustus VEAZIE and Hannah Bradley KOWSE

George Augustus VEAZIE b. 1815 Jun 17854 at Boston, MA854. d. 1893 Jan 251755 at 321 Chestnut, Chelsea, MA1755. bd. Woodlawn Cem., Everett, MA1994.
Hannah Bradley KOWSE b. 1818 Jan~855 at Boston, MA855. d. 1895 Feb 25855 at 321 Chestnut, Chelsea, MA855. bd. Woodlawn Cem.,Everett, MA1994.

Married1755 1835 Oct 81755 at Boston, MA1755. The Trumpet and Universalist Mag (Boston, Mass,, Sat, Oct 17, 1835, p 3, reported under Marriages: "In this city, by Rev Mr Streeter, Mr George Augustus Veazie to Miss Hannah Bradley Kowse."

Hillman800 has death month "Jun," probably a typo. The Boston Death Index1755 lists the death of two children: Sarah C, age 21 days, and William Henry, age 5 months, "family" of George A Veazie, 21 Charter St. As other records indicate George's parents. Eli and Polly Veazie, lived about that time at 21 Charter St., it is assumed George is living at the time with his father, and George and Hannah are the parents of those children. Their births also account for a relatively long period between the births of George Jr in 1836 and Adaline in 1841. In the 1847 Chelsea City Directory1735, George A Veazie was a shoe dealer, 136 Hanover B, home Chesnut (near? Cary's Farm). He is listed in 1850 as a "dealer." After that date, his occupation was a shoe dealer.

George was named executor in the will5499 of his father Eli Veazie, signed Mar 9, 1952, and appointed executor when the will was proved, Apr 25, 1853.

He died2756 in 1893, having suffered from an attack of "grip," from which he never recovered. He engaged in the shoe business as a young man with his father. Although his obituary mentions his ten children, in fact, he and Hannah had twelve children, two of whom (William Henry and Sarah C) died in infancy of the croup.

Hannah's parents Thomas, b Denmark, and Mary (Bliss), b Boston, Couse are given in her death record855, 456:519. Her birthdate is estimated from her age at death, 77y 1m 18d. A birth record1767 lists son Philander's mother as "Hannah B Wellman." She died of "valv. Dis. Of heart."

Child 2. William

William Henry died of croup1755 at the age of 5 months.

Child 4. Sarah

Sarah C, the older of that name, died1755 of hooping cough at the age of 21 days.

Child 7. William

William's death record1790 lists him as single, age 18y 11m. His birthdate would be Oct 5, 1845, calculated from that information. Other records indicate a birthyear of 1846 may be more correct. That death record also lists his occupation as "Clerk, Vol." In fact, William enlisted1993 as a clerk with Company E, Massachusetts 4th Cavalry Regiment on 18 Feb 1864. He is listed as "mustered out" on 5 Sep 1864, David's Island, NY Harbor. As indicated by his death record, he died of chronic diarrhea on that date. David's Island was the location of De Camp General Hospital, the Union Army's largest during the Civil War. His father's obituary2756 mentions that one of George's children preceded him in death, having given up his life "in the service of his country."

Children of George Augustus VEAZIE and Hannah Bradley KOWSE:

1. George Augustus (Jr) VEAZIE1758 b. 1835 Dec 181762 at Boston, MA1762. d. 1915 Nov 201762 at 185 Washington Ave., Chelsea, MA1762. bd. Woodlawn Cem., Chelsea, MA1762.
md. 1) Annie K WELLMAN
md. 2) Elizabeth F BUTLER
md. 3) Rebecca Grace LEGER
2. William Henry VEAZIE1755 b. 1837 Sep~1755 at Boston, MA1755. d. 1838 Feb 71755 at 21 Charter St., Boston, MA1755.
3. Adeline E VEAZIE1758 b. 1838 Nov1999 at Boston, MA1783. d. 1916 Sep 193194 at Doore Hospital, Phillips St., Watertown, MA3194. bd. Woodlawn Cem., Everett, MA3194.
md. Randall Hallet CROWELL
4. Sarah C VEAZIE1755 b. 1840 Sept~1755 at Boston, MA1755. d. 1840 Oct 171755 at 21 Charter St., Boston, MA1755.
5. Eli VEAZIE1758 b. 1842 Oct 14855 at Boston, MA855. d. 1906 Aug 111993 at 319 Chestnut St, Chelsea, MA855. bd. Woodlawn Cem., Everett, MA855.
md. Bessie Maria RICH
6. Sarah C VEAZIE1758 b. 1843~1758 at Massachusetts1758. d. 1902 Mar 281774 at 309 Washington Ave, Chelsea, MA1774. bd. Woodlawn, Chelsea, MA1774.
md. Lionel Jr D PHILLIPS
7. William W VEAZIE1758 b. 1846 Oct 51790 at Boston, MA1790. d. 1864 Sep 51790 at David's Island, NY1790.
8. Francis Winslow VEAZIE1758 b. 1848 Apr1763 at Boston, MA855. d. 1910 May 2855 at 309 Washington Ave, Chelsea, MA855. bd. Woodlawn Cem., Everett, MA855.
md. Emma L PRATT
9. Emeline (Emma) G VEAZIE1759 b. 1852 Aug939 at Massachusetts1759.
md. Herbert Spurden WEAVER
10. Ellen Plympton VEAZIE1759 b. 1855 Jan 31790 at Chelsea, MA1790. d. 1893 Sep 141790 at 321 Chestnut St., Chelsea, MA1790.
md. Richard Thomas DIXEY
11. Hannah B VEAZIE1760 b. 1857 Jan3224 at Chelsea, MA1783. d. 1950 Apr 9840 at Spencer, MA840. bd. Hope Cem., Worcester, MA840.
md. Joseph Lovett PAGE
12. Philander Crowell VEAZIE1767 b. 1862 Jun 211767 at Chelsea, MA1767. d. 1926796 at Bridgewater, MA796.
md. Sarah E ALCOTT

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