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Family of Wellington BARKLEY and Sarah MINOR

Wellington BARKLEY b. 1823~1690 at New York1690.
Sarah MINOR b. 1826~1690 at New York1690.

Married1523 1846 Oct 61523 at Oakland Co., MI1523.

Child 5. Herbert

At the time of daughter Eva's birth1455, Herbert was a resident of Grand Rapids.

Children of Wellington BARKLEY and Sarah MINOR:

1. Henry Oliver BARKLEY1690 b. 1849 Sep 252188 at Southfield, Oakland Co., MI1523. d. 1909 Feb 122188 at 743 Berton Ave, Grand Rapids, MI2579. bd. Freeport, MI2579.
md. 1) Melissa J COLLAR
md. 2) Nettie (Henrietta) WRIGHT
md. 3) Florence CRAMER
2. William BARKLEY1690 b. 1850 Apr~1690 at Michigan1690.
3. Benjamin F BARKLEY1691 b. 1854~1691 at Michigan1691.
4. Julia A BARKLEY1691 b. 1857~1691 at Michigan1691.
5. Herbert BARKLEY1691 b. 1859~1691 at Michigan1691.

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