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Family of Elijah VEAZIE and Amber May WOODARD

Married2720 1887 May 182720 at Pocahontas Co., IA2720.

In the 1880 census1716, Elijah is listed as a farmer. His obituary2357 relates that he volunteered in the Civil War but was rejected. He then came west with his sister, and was one of the earliest settlers of the county. He was at times a farmer and shoemaker.

The information for Amber May Woodard was initially provided in correspondence to Doris (McGowan) Veazie, 4 Nov 1971, by Josephine(Viggers) Veazie, Samuel Carlton Veazie's wife. Much of that information provided the basis for further research, as referenced. The Spencer (IA) Reported, Wed, Dec 3, 1919, led off in column 1 of page 1 with an article relating the attempted murder in Webb, IA, of Mrs Amber Veazie of Pocahontas Co. She was at her father's home at the time when Lem Bailey, a farmer near Webb, pointed a gun at her and fired. The shot missed both Amber and Lem's father-in-law Carleton Woodard. Bailey struck Woodard, age 80, on the head with his gun, and Woodard's daughter Amber "fought like a hyena" for him. Bailey testified that his father-in-law's household "had been picking on him and his wife." Apparenlty Carleton Woodard had put Bailey's wife and her baby out of their (rented) house. The article further related that Carleton Woodard was the defendant in a sensational divorce case eleven years previous, having found Woodard guilty of inhuman treatment of his wife. A month or so after the divorce, the couple remarried. Mrs Woodard had since died.

Children of Elijah VEAZIE and Amber May WOODARD:

1. Caroline (Carrie) Elizabeth VEAZIE1717 b. 1888 Mar1717 at Pocahontas Co., IA2792. d. 1964 Dec 282370 at St Ann's Hosp., Algona, IA2370. bd. Washington Cem., Havelock, IA2370.
md. 1) Stoddard M SMITH
md. 2) Aaron BISHOP
2. Annie E VEAZIE1717 b. 1889 Sep 11643 at Washington Twp., Pocahontas Co., IA1643. d. 1974 Feb 212358 at Palo Alto Hospital, Emmetsburg, IA2358. bd. Rush Lake Cem., Curlew, IA840.
md. David Howard BOWER
3. Samuel Carlton VEAZIE1717 b. 1892 May 17840 at Pocahontas Co., IA2792. d. 1975 Jan 16840. bd. Washington Cem., Havelock, IA840.
md. Josephine VIGGERS
4. Margaret (Marjorie, Madge) Grace VEAZIE1717 b. 1895 Sep1717 at Iowa1717. d. 1987840. bd. Golden Cem., Golden, CO840.
md. Francis (Frank) W MORTON
5. Gladys Inez VEAZIE1717 b. 1897 Oct 2192 at Iowa1717. d. 1992 Mar 1792.
md. Sylvester K SOJOURNER

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