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Family of George VEAZIE and Sarah HARDWICK

George VEAZIE b. 1790 Aug 15944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1873 Jun 162613 at Quincy, MA2613.
Sarah HARDWICK b. 1792 Jun 31774 at Quincy, MA1774. d. 1850 Apr 61774 at Quincy, MA1774.

Married944 1812 Dec 31944 at Quincy, MA944. Town records have the date Dec 30. Church records have "Mary" Hardwick; marriage intention has "Sarah" Hardwick.

AVB2786 has George's birthdate as Aug 6, 1790, which closely matches his calculated birthdate from age at death: 82y 10m, possibly AVB's source.

In 1830, John Quincy Adams, ex-president, was renovating5286 5287 his house. On Dec 29, 1830, George Veazie, "the Carpenter of Quincy who came in to see about the Posts which Mr Beale and I were talking," was consulted to do some of the work. Charles Francis Adams "discussed with him [George Veazie] many points in relation to the old House, and concluded by asking him to provide estimates for the Stone, after which [Adams] would talk with him." On Mar 26, 1831, Charles Adams went to Quincy to "find Mr Veazie and talked with him in regard to the Work to be done."

On Apr 8, "Mr. G. Veazie, the Carpenter came from Quincy and presented his Accounts for repairs made upon the House, which after consideration and discussion [Charles Adams] paid. [Those repairs had] been made in the most expesive way owing to [Charles Adams'] Father's trusting it entirely to the Workmen." Charles Adams recorded immediately after that entry that he had come to the conclusion that his father (John Quincy Adams) would have done better to have simply built a house.

Apparently the repairs were, indeed, extensive, as two years later, John Quincy Adams, on Jul 22, 1833, recorded5287 that his first visitor that day "was Mr George Veazie, with whom" he settled an account.

In 1860, George860 was a farmer, with value of real estate $6000, and $200 value of personal estate. In 1865 and 1870, George was listed as a carpenter.

George, married and a carpenter, died2613 of old age, at the age of 82y 10m.

Sprague841 has Sarah's death as Apr 9 (Christ Ch. Rec). Sarah, listed as married at the time of her death, the daughter of Henry and Sarah Hardwick, died1774 of "liver complaint." She died at the age of 57y 10m 3d. Her birth date is calculated from her death date and that age at death.

Child 3. Eliza

Eliza Hardwick Veazie was baptised4205 Sep 6, 1818, at West Church, Boston, MA, dau of Geo. Veazie & wife.

Children of George VEAZIE and Sarah HARDWICK:

1. Lucy Marsh VEAZIE989 b. 1814 May 21989 at Boston, MA841. d. 1891 Apr 302271 at Massachusetts2271.
md. Lemuel Jr DWELLE
2. Sarah Spear VEAZIE989 b. 1815 Dec 27989 at Boston, MA1774. d. 1907 Nov 21774 at Main St, Norwell, MA1774. bd. Mt Wollaston Cem, Quincy,MA1774.
3. Eliza Hardwick VEAZIE841 b. 1818 Jun 64205 at Boston, MA4205. d. 1820 Sep 244205.
4. Eliza VEAZIE841 b. 1820 Sep 2841 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1899 Jul 234101 at Worcester, MA4101.
md. Enos RICKER
5. Almira VEAZIE841 b. 1822 Dec 1841 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1856 Mar 10841.
md. Rufus FOSTER
6. Salome VEAZIE841 b. 1825 Jan 2841 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1890 Nov 4841.
7. George Henry VEAZIE841 b. 1827 Nov 4841 at (bapt) West Church, Boston, MA841. d. 1869 Nov 81774 at Haverhill, MA1774. bd. Mt Wollaston Cem., Quincy, MA841.
md. Julia Ann HARRINGTON
8. Charles Lowell VEAZIE841 b. 1830 Jul 4989 at Qincy, MA4009. d. 1911 Jul 41774 at Boston, MA1774. bd. "Old Cemt." Quincy, MA1774.
md. 1) Ruth E RICKER
md. 2) Algenia O SHEPARD
md. 3) Louisa A CHISHOLM
9. Francis (Frank) VEAZIE4208 b. 1831 Oct 164208 at Quincy, MA4208. d. 1916 Nov 54208 at 29 Granite St, Quincy, MA4208. bd. Mt Wolloston Cem., Quincy, MA4208.
md. 1) Lucy Maria FRENCH
md. 2) Harriet Elizabeth A BLAKE
10. Warren VEAZIE841 b. 1836 Oct 24841 at Quincy, MA2005. d. 1905 May 93199 at 874 Dorchester Ave., Boston, MA3199. bd. Mt Wollostan Cem., Quincy, MA1774.
md. Lavina JOHNSON

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