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STEPHEN VEAZIE of Corinnad,k, Maine, and Catonb,m, New York, may be either the son of Samuel Veazie, born in Mainea, or the son of Reverend Samuel Veaziep, born in Hull, Massachusetts. In spite of Farrow's claima that Stephen was the son of Samuel Veazie of Islesboros, there appears to be no evidence to support that. Were he the son of Samuel of Islesboro, it might be expected that he would have emigrated with him to Islesboro. In contrast, Stephen appears to have emigrated to Islesboron from Harpswell, and Samuel from Nantasket (Hull, Massachusetts)n. If Stephen was the son of Reverend Samuel Veazie, born in Hull in 1763, it is likely, at the age of 4, that he would have emigrated to Harpswell in 1767q,r with his Reverend father. In either case, Stephen of Islesboro married PATTY HARDING of Trenton on 4 Apr 1800t and appears in Islesboro that yearn with his bride, living next door to Samuel Veazie (his father or brother).

In 1810, Stephen is no longer in Islesborou. A Stephen Pheseyl appears that year in Greene, Maine, not far from Corinna, Maine.

In 1820, the Stephen Veazie of this genealogy is found living in Corinnak, Maine, the ages for his family similar to those of Stephen Phesey of Greene, if one allows for the loss of a child and a year or so leeway for birthdates. Farrow states that Stephen of Islesboro moved to Corinth and, if Farrow was recording a verbal history, Corinna was probably that Stephen's destination. Various recordsd,l,k indicate that all of the children of Corinna's Stephen were born after 1800. That allows that Stephen of Corinna may well be the Stephen of Islesboro, married in 1800. Stephen's wife in Corinna is recordedd as "Mertha," or Martha, if modern spellings are allowed. "Patty," in some opinions, may be a nickname for Martha, which allows for Martha of Corinna being Patty Harding of Trenton. In addition, several generations later, the middle name of at least one descendent, ALVIN HARDING VEAZIE (1901-1982)w, a decendent of Stephen's son Issac, strongly indicates, if not confirms, that Martha, the wife of Stephen of Corrina, Maine, is MARTHA "PATTY" HARDING of Trenton.

From that point on, the genealogy of Stephen Veazie and Martha Harding of Corinna becomes clearer.

From no later than 1820 until about 1855, Stephen, Martha and their children lived in Corinnak,v,w. After Martha's death on 7 Mar 1839d, Stephen lived with his daughter Martha, who had married Dominicus Sewellv. Sometime between 1850f and 1855m, Stephen, sons Laban, Stephen and Alden and their wives and children, and Dominicus and James Sewell (brothers) and their respective wives Martha and Mary Jane Veazie (sisters) emigrated to Caton, Steuben Co., New York.

Stephen Veazie of Corinna, Maine, and Caton, New York, died 13 Dec 1855b in Caton and is buried in Elmwood Cemeteryb there.



ISAAC VEAZIE (1806-aft 1880) m1. LYDIA KNOWLES (bef 1810-1839); m2?. SABURY COLE


JOHN VEAZIE (1808- ) m. LOUISA T. FOLSOM (1817-1852)


PAULINA VEAZIE, b. 4 Apr 1810[d,j]; d. 27 Jul 1838; bd. Corinna, ME[d]


LABAN VEAZIE (1812-1877) m. LUCY (1813-1872)






MARY JANE VEAZIE (1820-1875) m. JAMES SEWELL (1820-1901)


ALDEN VEAZIE (1823- ) m. ELIZABETH LORD (1825- )


SEWALL VEAZIE, b. 13 Nov 1830[d]

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