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Family of Benjamin VESEY and Eunice LAMB

Benjamin VESEY b. 1764 Mar 234096 at (bapt) Christ Church, Braintree, MA4096. d. abt Oct, 18285336 at prob Perry, OH5336.
Eunice LAMB


The death record1520 for "J M Vesey" does not mention his mother's maiden name, indicating his parents only as Benjamin Vesey and Eunice Vesey, both born "Unknown." "Pioneer Women of Perry, Lake Co., Ohio" 828 mentions the wife of Benjamin Veaey as "Eunice Lamb Vesey" without further information.

Sprague841 and Bass831 say of Benjamin only: "to Braintree, Vt. in 1785, to the west in 1815." Benjamin Vesey appears as in the list831 of selectmen for Braintree, VT, between the years 1793 and 1811.

Benjamin was married (at least) twice. He married, probably first, Eunice (perhaps) Lamb. The death record1520 for son James Madison Vesey lists his mother as "Eunice Vesey." "Pioneer Women of Perry [Ohio]"828 has "Benjamin and Eunice (Lamb) Vesey" arriving in Perry in 1816. There appears to be no other records for Eunice, either indicating her first name or surname.

Bass831, p 182, regarding sisters of Samuel Spear: "The third m. a Vesey, probably Benjamin; went to Ohio about 1815." Stewart2846 has Dorothy Spear, born "about 1758," a daughter of Samuel Spear and Mary Ford, and brother of the above mentioned Samuel Spear, married (without reference) Benjamin Vesey. Speare5487 also has Dorothy Spear, born "about 1758," a daughter of Samuel Spear and Mary Ford, married (without reference) Benjamin Vesey. Speare has Dorothy came from Braintree, Mass. to Braintree, Vt., perhaps with her other two sisters and her brothers, but "one record gives her coming to Braintree, Vt., as about 1800. She went to Ohio with her sister Hannah in 1815. No record of her family." Regarding Dorothy Spear, it appears that both Stewart and Speare either had the same source, perhaps Bass, or Stewart repeated Speare's information. If Dorothy Spear had married Benjamin Vesey in Vermont, then Dorothy moving to Ohio "with her sister Hannah" is a strange phrase, as is "no record of her family," as many of Benjamin Vesey's children were born2230 in Braintree, Vt., and later appear in other records. Without further information, the marriage of this Dorothy Spear and Benjamin Vesey is doubtful. It may be that Stewart and Speare (and Bass?) confused the marriage2852 of Benjamin's grandfather Benjamin, and Dorothy Spear (born in Braintree, MA), the daughter841 Samuel Spear and Elizabeth Daniel.

Pioneer Women of Perry (OH)" mentions "(Mrs Benjamin) Eunice Lamb Vesey," mother of several sons and five daughters. Four daughters are specifically named: Abigail, Rebecca, Vashtia and Rowena; Elizabeth would be the fifth daughter. The death record1520 for son J M Vesey lists "Eunice Vesey" as his mother.

Benjamin's marriage832 to Rebecca Graham in 1826 is certain. Benjamin later divorced Rebecca ~1828, assumed from notices of divorce in the Painesville (OH) Telegraph830, published Dec 18, 1827, and Jan 4, 1828. As the will5336 of Benjamin Vesey, signed Mar 5, 1828, does not mention his wife, it is assumed they were divorced (or the marriage otherwise considered dissolved) by March, 1828.

Because of the doubt that Benjamin married Dorothy Spear, Eunice is herein listed as the mother of Benjamin's children. As J M Vesey's mother is listed1520 as Eunice, it is all but certain that Eunice was the mother of the children born after ~1810.

The will5336 of Benjamin Vesey mentions "oldest son" Jonathan Vesey; "three youngest sons" Madison, George and Harris Vesey; Betsey Ford, Rebecca Butler, Abigail French, "daughters" Roena Calwell and Vashta Graham. He signed his will Mar 5, 1828. The will was proved and approved Oct 20, 1828.

"Pioneer Woman of Perry [Ohio]"828 has "Mr and Mrs Benjamin Vessey came to Perry in 1816. Eunice Lamb Vesey was the mother of several son and five daughter " At present, that is the only known reference to her surname. \tab

Child 2. Benjamin

Bass831 (Hist. Braintree, VT) has Benjamin, Jr's birthdate Oct 18, 1793. Son Benjamin was not mentioned in his father's will (signed Mar 5, 1828,) and all other known children were specifically named. From that information, it is assumed that son Benjamin died prior to the date of that will. Further, son Benjamin does not appear to be accounted in the 1820 census4646 in the household of Benjamin Vesey, Perry, OH, indicating he may have died prior to 1820.

Children of Benjamin VESEY and Eunice LAMB:

1. Elizabeth (Betsey) VESEY2230, 800 b. 1791 Dec 302230 at Braintree, VT2230. d. 1869 Dec 4800 at Painseville, OH800.
md. Elisha Sr FORD
2. Benjamin VESEY2230, 800 b. 1793 Oct 82230 at Braintree, VT2230. d. bef 18204646.
3. Jonathan VESEY2230, 800 b. 1794 Apr 252230 at Braintree, VT2230. d. 1886 Apr 4833 at Perry Twp., Lake Co., OH833. bd. South Ridge Cem, Perry, OH840.
md. Sophia CONE
4. Abigail VESEY2230, 800 b. 1799 Jan 232230 at Braintree, VT2230. d. 1864 Aug 12840 at Mentor, OH840. bd. Mentor Municipal Cem., Mentor, OH840.
md. Nathaniel FRENCH
5. Rebecca VESEY2230, 800 b. 1801 Oct 32230 at Braintree, VT2230. d. 1865 Oct 29840. bd. Brigham Cem., Monroe Co., MI840.
md. Amos BUTLER
6. Vashtia VESEY2230, 800 b. 1804 Apr 252230 at Braintree, VT2230. d. 1875?840. bd. Noffsinger Cem., Elkhart Co., IN840.
md. 1) Archer GRAHAM
md. 2) Alderman B HERRICK
7. Rowena VESEY828 b. 1806~2902 at Vermont2902. d. bef 1870 (Jul)2904.
md. William COLWELL
8. James Madison VESEY1520 b. 1810~1520 at (prob) Braintree, VT1520. d. 1883 Aug 171520 at Bronson, MI1520.
md. 1) Bethiah HANKS
md. 2) Betsy RANDALL
9. George W VESEY800 b. 1811 Aug 20840 at Braintree, VT831. d. 1887 May 84952 at St Joseph Co., IN4952. bd. Noffsinger Cem., Elkhart Co., IN840.
md. 1) Olive GRAHAM
md. 2) Rebecca BYRKIT
10. Horace M VESEY800 b. 1815 Jul 75357 at Vermont2906. d. 1876 Mar 192907 at Nevada2907. bd. Virginia City, NV2907.
md. Mary Annie ARMSTRONG

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