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Genealogy of William Veazie of Braintree, Massachusetts


The genealogy information on this site is a work in progress and is updated periodically. There are approximately 8000 individuals mentioned in one way or another, most of whom are direct descendants of William Veazie of Braintree, Massachusetts, or spouses of same, or parents of spouses. Information is provided in several formats: HTML family pages, Microsoft Word and RTF documents, and GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication). Due to the nature of those formats,an individual appearing in one format may or may not appear in one of the other formats. Lists of individuals appearing in each of the download formats can be examined via the Downloads page.

Site genealogy pages (HTML) are organized by family - father, mother and children of a single marriage. Currently, birth, death and burial information for an individual appear on the page on which they appear as a child. If a child was married, links to the family page for each marriage appear immediately below that child via the spouse's name.

Clicking on the spouse's name will take you to the family page on which that child and spouse appear as parents.

Clicking on a parent's name at the top of a family page will take to the family page on which that person appears as a child.

Index pages for accessing the HTML family pages are provided, organized by the first letter of the last name of individuals. On each index page, individuals are listed in alphabetical order by last name and first name. Clicking on a name link will take you to the family page on which that individual appears as a child. For those individuals for which parents have not been identified, the link will take you to the family page on which that individual appears as a parent. The Name Index icon appears at the top of site pages, and clicking on the icon will take you to the start index page.

NOTE: Currently, females are indexed by their maiden names, if known. Otherwise, they are generally listed as (for example) "VEAZIE, Matilda (w of Charles D)..." If a female was married previously, and her maiden name is known, she will not be indexed by her previous married name.

An Explanation of This Site's Philosophy

Emphasis is on the descendants of William Veazie of Braintree, Massachusetts, and James Barkley, who came to America on the George and Ann.

The genealogy software used to maintain the information mentioned on this site was revised some time ago to reflect the entire database. As a result, family HTML pages have not been generated manually for a long time. For a while, versions of the "old" pages can be accessed through the original index and the previous index.

NOTE: In this genealogy references may be made to major genealogical references. Those references may variously appear as:

"Sprague": Genealogy of the Families of Braintree, Mass. 1640-1850, Waldo Chamberlain Sprague - CD, NEHGS, Picton Press

"Hillman" or "VG": Veazie Genealogy, Some Descendants of William Veazie Who Settled at Braintree, Massachusetts in 1640, Compiled by Ralph E. Hillman, CG
Penobscot Press, 2011, ISBN 0-89725-894-0, Library of Congress CN 2010942224

"Moffat": Barclays of New York, R. B. Moffat (Robert Grier Cooke. New York. 1904. Call no. R929.2 B244) , available for download in PDF format from

Available Genealogy Downloads (Word, RTF, GEDCOM)

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